Life from the Bottom of the Hourglass


Most of us live our lives in the upper half of the Hourglass.


We spend the majority of our days building our castles on the Sands of Time as they uniformly disappear beneath us taking with each grain just a bit more of the foundation upon which we are building our dreams.


But what if we decided to live instead in the bottom half of the Hourglass of Life?

Where each grain of the falling Sands of Time is adding experience to our Castle of Dreams and building upon them instead of taking them away.

Then, is not Living Life a matter of Perspective and Perspective a matter of Choice and Decision as to How we wish to look at and live our life?

In which half of the Hourglass do you live your Life?


In the top half?

Or, the Bottom half?

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How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci

 Leonardo da Vinci, polymath.


The name says it all doesn’t it. What a remarkable man.leonardo da vinci book

Leonardo is of course best known for his paintings the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. But, Leonardo da Vinci was so much more than just his paintings. Architect, anatomist, designer and engineer, chef (yes, chef), fitness fanatic who loved swimming and horse-back riding, and even a party planner. But most of all Leonardo da Vinci was obsessed with observation and knowing as much about everything as he could. Leonardo da Vinci was what is known as a “polymath“.

I just finished reading How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci by Author and Speaker Michael Gelb.


How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci

Michael J. Gelb

In the book, author and speaker Michael Gelb first covers a brief Bio of this remarkable man as well as a brief review of the times in which Leonardo lived. In doing so, Michael Gelb puts the life and times of Leonardo da Vinci into context which displays the man’s talents even more illustriously.

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It’s Apple Harvest Time

Do You Like Apples?

They say “an apple a day keeps the Doctor away.” If this saying be true than we are pretty much set for a healthy fall at our place for Sunday was apple harvest here for friends and neighbors of our friend who lives in the Colestin Valley through which the State Line of both California and Oregon transects.

Colestin Valley 1

Colestin Valley 2013 14








Colestin House

Our friend in the Colestin has about two dozen apple trees of several different varieties in her garden along with pears, raspberries, blackberries and more different kinds of flowers than Burpee has seeds. You should see the place in the spring. Her garden is where the rainbows of spring come to get their colors.

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Siskiyou Challenge 2013

 Start of the 2013 4th Annual Siskiyou Challenge


The start of the 4th Annual Siskiyou Challenge began with at ScienceWorks HandsOn Museum in Ashland, OR this past Saturday, September 28th at 8:00 am with a flurry of riders on a 13K cycle ride through the streets of Ashland and on to Emigrant Lake located just southeast of town. There, riders traded in their treads for paddles on a 3K kayak trek heading off into a strong headwind that I’m sure made all competitors wonder just why they were doing this.

From there the Challenge continued on to a 30K cycle, a 9K run, a 13K mountain bike ride, and a 6K run back in through the streets of Ashland to the finish line again at ScienceWorks. This was a Multi-Sport Relay Race for Solo, Duo, or Team competitors.

Click on the Read More Button below for Challenge Results

and for more information regarding the Siskiyou Challenge

and Rogue Valley Farm to School, organizers of the event.

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The Flexible Human Foot

The Remarkable Human Foot


I don’t know about you but I am pretty much a bare-footer, especially during the summer months. My workouts are typically always barefoot as well. We know how important  it is to work on our “core” (i.e. those muscles at the center of self) as this is where we find the foundation for upper body strength. And, we all want to have good upper body strength. But, it is my belief that the foundation of “core” is planted right down through our feet.

Martial Artists barefootFor example, when you look at those who train in the martial arts you will see that they are training barefoot. That sensitivity and connection to the ground is just that, grounding. During a training routine (and again you can see my use of the term training vs. exercise) I feel that I can literally “hold” the ground or floor below me thus making my ability to concentrate on form all the more focused and perform that movement feeling grounded.

I find in regards to my own feet that because of this they are not only more muscular and flexible but more sensitive as well. I am able to pick something up off of the floor, for example, and pass it on up to my hands without having to bend over to pick it up. People who have poor vascular integrity have been know to have strokes from bending over especially while lifting something and that something need not necessarily be something heavy.foot massage

I also like to spend a few minutes each night before going to bed to massage my feet. I will use my fingers and thumbs to kneed them and the heel of my hand as well to rub the soles. Sometimes while in bed, I will also use the heel of one foot to massage the sole of the other. Our feet are an important part of our body, they are what get us around throughout the day. If we treat them well, they should carry us far in this life.

In this article by Freelance Journalist Deborah Franklin, she summarizes some of the wonders of the human foot.


Golden Arches: Human Feet More Flexible Than We Thought

The healthy human foot's outer arch may be more flexible than previously thought.

The healthy human foot‘s outer arch may be more flexible than previously thought. –iStockphoto

The notion that sport shoes and inserts should keep the human arch stiffly supported is a decades-old assumption that could use some rethinking, according to a British gait analyst who has closely studied more than 25,000 footsteps of healthy people. Read More

Naked Trail Running

Naked Trail Running – The Ultimate in Minimalist Trail Running?

 I suppose trail running naked would be fine, butt what about mosquitoes…?


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On the Subject of Happiness – FLOW – Csikszentmihalyi


Finding the FLOW of Happiness



Just finished reading Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s classic book FLOW: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.

Published in 1990, this classic text in psychology is a dissertation on the subject of happiness, which I would refer to as what things underlie the continuation of happiness over one’s life time. What I found particularly interesting was the use of the term Theme when it comes to discussing one’s Purpose in life.

There appears to be a basic formula for happiness, or as Csikszentmihalyi refers to it “FLOW“, in this book. Read More

Truth As Found On A Stand Up Paddle Board

Or, Where You Going on that Paddle Board Boy?022


This past Saturday, I borrowed a Stand Up Paddle board from a friend and took it out onto the lake just to give it a try. The idea of motivating on a Stand Up Paddle board never really intrigued me much and they seemed from a distance to be a rather inefficient mood of transport. And now, having spent an hour or so on one, I still think that to be the case.

It was late on this particular Saturday afternoon about 5:30 maybe 6:00 or so as I made my way out onto the rather flat stillness of the lake. There were only a couple of speed boater types with skiers and inter-tubing going on but nothing that really interfered with my area of the lake so all was relatively quiet. Read More



Push ups! An important part of any morning workout.

BFX photobomb 01 (5)

Perfect Push Ups

In this photo I am using one of Gold Gym’s door gyms.

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What did you do on Sunday?

Trail Run – Old Mine Trail in the Watershed up behind the house.

If I can do this at 63, what do you need to do? You don’t need to trail run like I do but you should at least be able to lose some weight, get yourself in reasonably good shape that will allow you to hike trails like this in or near your area and enjoy what peace nature has to offer. The meditative qualities of even just a hardy walk along a trail in any natural environment, be that wooded, desert, coastal, mountain top, what have you, will not only make your day, and make you feel better but, will undoubtedly improve your health and your life.

Health is for most of us, really a choice. It is a conscious decision to listen to what not only our body is telling us (if we choose to listen) but what our mind is also telling us. Health and fitness are a mindset, and a lifestyle. You only have one lifetime. Choose to make the best of it. Be fit. Get out and enjoy the wonders of this the only planet we have to live on. Nurture yourself, and nurture your home.


You Guys Have a Great Day.

Jim Mau

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